Monday, August 25, 2008

Finished 23ThingsOna Stick

I finished the 23 Things On a Stick!!! It has been very educational and at times frustrating.

I have learned more than I expected to and did enjoy it. I know I will make use of the
sites and the knowledge of the Internet.
I have already found some good books to read through the goodread site.

I will work on blogging and some of these social sites.

Thanks to you who put this together and to the ones who read through all of the blogs.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

20-Facebook and MySpace

Which groups did I join? American library association members and Libraries using Facebook.
tried to join one other and it was taking so long to open I could not. try later.
Facebook seems to very aware that not everyone is a high school or college student.
Offers lots of features and growing. Once you understand it. Handy tool all your social information in one place.

Libraries are using MySpace to communicate with patrons let them know what events are coming up. Talk about books. Let people and teens express themselves.

Both Sites work well for commutation and media in a two-way not just one.
can keep up with people with out e-mailing each one.

I think some of the Minnesota high school student have showed us the reason to be careful
what we put on our accounts. I like the way the articleput it. "Don't add anything to your profile you wouldn't display for your supervisors, co-workers and clients..."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

19 Podcast

The podcast I listen to were: The media specialists interview. what they learned at a conference and how they use podcast at their school. It turned out the one specialist is at the school my
grandchildren attend.

New media update- Olympics fans frustrated by NBC'S online coverage.

Some of the Funny Babies videos.
On the Road with Minitex- information and history about Minnesota libraries I would have a hard
time getting so fast and easy. seeing libraries pictures of libraries I would never see. would be very help full to find the podcast you are looking for.

I checked out,,, yahoo podcast. (also like yahoo's).

Has inspired me but I do not see me doing a podcast at this time.

I think libraries should use the podcast of authors talking about their new books.

18 videos and podcast

What did I dislike about the sites? To many questionable videos. to many things I would not have any interest in.
Yahoo's video of extreme Ironing was great fun.
Thought the library video was good, show how things change yet stay the same.
a fun play on books and computers.
Barack-Roll- funny and gets a message across too.

Robot with Rats brain was interesting, yet scary to think about what science can do.
also watched Human Robots 101.
I thought about it. I use video all the time may sister and some of my friends sen me short
videos that are funny of heart warming and it is fun, or a great pick-me-up.

I could not add a video it kept going in and out so it was hard to follow the directions.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thing 17 ELM

The Elm site is a great tool for information. We had people look up information from a illness
to school reports, both children and adults.

We we were to work on collection information. we could let each other know what and where
we found the infomation.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Library Thing I was able to get further on the site today and a great site.
I signed up for Goodreads. I added some of the books I have read and will add more as I read
them. This will be a useful site to pass on to some of the patrons, the ones that are Internet

The Libraries Games would not download on to my computer. I will try at the Library.
I look at the site and read what I could. I have very little interest in the games.

Looked at the RPC and assignment calculator. This would be most helpful at our library
for the middle school students and high school students. We also have a local Tec. school
and student come in to study or do research. I suggested this site to my daughter who
is in college.

We use ELM already and have set people up with the site to use at home.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Productivity tool

Online productivity tool is very helpful. It will take a bit to learn it all and get use to using it.
It reminds me of a Franklin planner online.

Library Thing We could add it to our site it would add some features to our site. like access
to book reviews and reviews by other people in their area.

I could not sigh up at this time I will go back and try again.